Saturday, October 5, 2013

Double druzy ring

Very classy design with a combination of two color of sparkling druzy, sterling silver solid band.
Bohemian gipsy style, Jasper arrowheads pendant and matching ring.

Chrysoprase and Chalcedony stack rings II

More stack rings to get fun with it, this time with a twisted band and this two beautiful stones..

Stack rings

Many choices to play with it and combine them, Rubilite Tourmaline, and Cat eye Tourmaline mixed with different patterns stack rings, handmade in sterling silver and fine silver, hammered, oxidized and more...

Shark tooth fossil ring

Black Megalodon shark tooth fossil set in handmade fine silver and sterling silver.

Oyster seashell necklace

Orange oyster seashell from Costa Rican beaches set in sterling silver and fine silver, fresh and casual, vivid color with positive energy.

Small Amethyst stalactite necklace

Stalactite Amethyst from Uruguay, elegant and simple nature gift.

Yoga love..

Lotus flower's necklace, one of a kind, special as every person are....

Lotus Diamond ring

Beautiful yellow Diamond in a flower lotus design, handmade 22kt gold ring, Kum-boo technique, One of a kind!

Rubilite inside Puka seashell ring

Gorgeous combination of a puka seashell from Costa Rica with a Pink tourmaline (Rubilite) inside, handmade with sterling silver, fine silver, and oxidazed technique.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arrowheads Jasper and Crystal Quartz necklaces

Pyrite Skull Candy Bracelets

Driftwood and Hessonite necklace

Crystal Quartz arrowhead

Amethyst's heart