Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of a kind

Indigolite tourmaline, fine silver and sterling silver

Iolite set on a lotus flower of fine and sterling silver

Fire Opal, citrine, and smoky quartz, set in fine and sterling silver

Amethist set in fine and sterling silver

Faceted rubilite, faceted tear drop watermelon tourmaline, pink tourmaline cab set in 18kts gold, fine and sterling silver

Nature gifts

For several years we were looking for unique materials and gifts from the nature, showing their natural beauty through our organic designs. We love working with textures, color, and search for stones that appeal to us for their shape, color and patterns fossils, pearls, seashells, river rocks, that are familiar and unusual, adding some bright sparkles of colour with selected semiprecious and precious stones.Our method of semiprecious stone setting encapsulates the gems gently and unobtrusively into precious metals allowing the full beauty of each gem to show.

Monday, October 26, 2009

About us

Since we were young in Argentina, we shared the motivation to create different objects that express our feelings and our memories. We have experimented through different branches of art and handcrafts; from wood carving to ceramics, stain glass and artistic photography. This passion to create objects with our hands joined to another, walking different Latin American beaches looking for hidden treasures that the ocean has brought, like: stunning seashells, petrified wood, stones of intriguing forms, fossils, driftwoods and polished sea glass. When we arrived to Tamarindo Costa Rica we were charmed by the exotic beauty and colorful nature.
We wanted to show and share each treasure we found and thatís when the curiosity to learn jewelry making was born. To transform these small gifts of nature into pieces of wearable art identify our connection with Mother Nature. This desire for creation took us to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to study the art of the jewelry making with outstanding and recognized mexican silversmiths, among them the prestigious artist Raul Ybarra. There began an endless journey towards knowledge of diverse jewelry techniques.
All the cultures have expressed their way to understand the world with their jewels. From the beginning of time man has had this incredible capacity to fuse art, value and symbolism in an object easy to transport and hide. Seven years ago we established our jewelry workshop on the pacific shores of Tamarindo Costa Rica, the pristine beaches and colorful sunsets are day by day our inspiration.