Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surfer soul

Waves...waves... and waves....good waves, here is, a man ring for surfers, and  for all of them who loves the ocean and come to Costa Rica to surf and have fun time on the beach.This ring is handmade in sterling and fine silver,technique :oxidized .

Indigolite silver ring

A blue marine tourmaline set in handmade .925 silver, in a wide hammered band with a Costa Rica rainforest's pattern and a random of .999 silver nuggets sprout on the sides.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet candies ring

An exclusive selection of  faceted semiprecious stones, Indigolite Tourmaline, Imperial Topaz and Rubilite , give to this ring an explosion of color, combined with 18kt gold nuggets, and a volcano texture on a wide sterling silver band make this piece a glamorous jewel for special occasions.

Agatized fossil Coral ring

Another rare fossil, in this case, an agatized coral with a flower as a pattern with a pretty nice brown color, is a natural stone that is formed when ancient coral  is gradually replaced with agate.
This ring is set in a solid handmade sterling silver adjustable band.

Some fossil jewels

Minimal design for a large fossilized shark tooth, set in handmade sterling and fine silver, Guillermo gave a cosmopolitan touch to a rustic fossil, classy.

Surf style design, colorful shark tooth fossil, set in handmade sterling and fine silver. Techniques: Oxidized and texture. It's so cool!

This is a Orthoceras , was an ancient mollusk that lived more of 400 millions years ago. The name means 'straight horn'  referring to the characteristic  long, straight ,conical shell. The preserved shell is all that remains of this ancestor of our modern-day squid. Is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod. Set in handmade sterling silver, this is a piece for collectors and who likes rare fossils.

Cat eye Tourmaline ring

Indigolite cat eye set in handmade fine and sterling silver, 18kt gold nuggets, Coral texture on the silver band. Custom design for Shane. Exquisite jewel.

Green Tourmaline ,wide band ring

A Brazilian green tourmaline, set in handmade fine and sterling silver, in a wide band, textured with a "Costa Rica Rainforest" pattern.

Big Puka double side necklace

A big puka found by Uma on Avellanas Beach became in a super nice necklace, set in handmade fine and sterling silver, the front side of the seashell is shiny and elegant ,with a black oxidized silver frame to contrast the whiteness of the shell, while the back side have an interesting texture in a french oxidized silver technique contrasted with the shiny fine silver dots.
I love the stone trapped in the spiral !

Tree crust texture

 Experimenting a new pattern, inspired by the outstanding old trees Guanacaste have, a new texture born , we decided to called  it "Tree Crust", every single piece is unrepeatable, they are one of a kind. This rings are handmade in sterling and fine silver and Guillermo engraved different sentences in the inside of the band that identify us, as example "Vida Pura Vida", or  "Less is More", etc.

Crazy Iguana on a river rock!

Playing with my silver wires, as my first steps in the jewelry making art, I did a funny, chunky and very organic necklace, a iguana on a river rock, how we often see around Tamarindo beach, and also : you can wear it in both sides!

Brown sugar! ,Agate druzy ring

A large agate druzy, cover of tiny and very sparkling crystals on the top, set in handmade sterling silver on a solid band, unique and elegant.

Emerald gold ring , new texture!

A pretty nice emerald set in fine and sterling silver, with 18 kts gold nuggets, Guillermo did a twist with a new texture on the band, this time, inspired by the pristine Tamarindo beach, we called Coral pattern, and looks great!
This picture I took it in a special jewelry box, but the next one, I took it, in my backyard, with natural light, look how the colour changes in the emerald, is amazing!

Flourite silver ring

A beautiful faceted flourite set in fine and sterling silver, hammered wide band, and chunky silver nuggets on the sides.

Golden Imperial Topaz ring

A golden Imperial Topaz from Ouro Preto, Brazil, set in handmade sterling silver, fine silver and 18kt gold nuggets. Volcanic texture.