Friday, February 22, 2013

White Agate flower ring

Super sparkling agate flower set in handmade sterling silver and fine silver, this picture doesn't give the honor to this beauty!

Geodes sliced and Amethyst crystals

More geodes and Amethyst crystals necklaces set in handmade .999 silver !

Crystal quartz necklace

Boho style crystal quartz necklace, simple, good energy and protection, beautiful !

Pink Quartz Stalactite

Gorgeous, rare and unique Pink Quartz stalactite necklace ! Belisimo!

Green Tourmaline Mirrow Cut

Green Tourmaline in a rare cut, mirrow cut, set in a textured sterling silver band.

Rubilite Tourmaline ring

Rubilite tourmaline set in wide textured sterling silver band, stunning !