Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dendritic Quartz ring

Gorgeous Dendritic Quartz ring, set in handmade sterling silver, lets have some info about this amazing stone:

Dendritic Quartz from Brazil

Stunning natural quartz with an inclusion that resembles a plant. This is known as Dendritic quartz. The plant like formation is an oxide of manganese that has formed in a hardly seen tenuous internal cleavage. These cleavages are due to internal tension inside the rock. It is not a clearly visible fissure. The manganese oxide has anciently penetrated in liquid state in the micro veins also known by the name of crystal foil. The bluish, opalized quartz color is due to the presence of tenuous fibers of actinolite and the yellow inclusion is known as cacoxenite. Cacoxenite is an oxide of iron. The rough crystal that originated this gemstone was found in the Brazilian State of Bahia and polished in São Paulo.

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