Wednesday, December 17, 2014

White dots costarican seashells necklace

Solar estalactite necklace

Men rings

Antique Kambute seashell necklace

Megalodon Shark tooth fossil with green Tourmaline necklace.

Blue caribbean Druzy ring

Large Amethyst ring

Costarican Oyster seashell, stacking rings.

Tourmaline crystal in a Matrix Quartz

Coral Fossil ring

Purple sugar druzy necklace

Watermelon Tourmaline ring

Green Tourmaline ring, mirror cut.

Rhodochrosite necklace

Blue Pectolite ring

Druzy cross

Black Moon druzy

Amethyst Estalactite

Costarican Coral necklace

Amethyst cluster pendant

Agate Condor from Patagonia Argentina necklace

Pyrite stacking rings

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pink Quartz Ring

White Amethyst geode necklace

Colorful Seaglass bracelet and earrings matching

Costarican Oyster seashell necklace


Amethyst sliced necklace

Boho Stacking rings


Amethyst's Heart

Druzy Angel Wings


Larimar necklaces


Agate flower ring


Geode Pendant


Baby Shark tooth bracelet


Conch seashell ring and necklace


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Costarican Driftwood necklace

           Stunning necklace handmade with a beautiful piece of costarican driftwood and Apatite semiprecious stone. Mother Nature treasure.


Semiprecious stones in two different states...

               Rough Druzy Citrine, Faceted Citrine, and Fresh water Pearl, set in sterling silver.


Green Tourmaline ring

          Green Tourmaline set in a handmade textured sterling silver band.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Semiprecious stones bracelet

Colorful semiprecious stones, Star ruby, Druzy Quartz, baby Geodes, Citrines, and Fresh water Pearls, one of a kind collection.


Stalactite Amethyst necklace

 Stalactite Amethyst , in a vibrant and deep purple color, set in sterling silver , minimalist design.


Citrine Crystal Point ring

                      Stunning Citrine crystal point ring, set in a unique textured sterling silver band.

Geode rings

                  Beautiful geodes set in handmade sterling silver.


Skull candy Pyrite ring

               Hand carved skull candy in a Pyrite stone, set in sterling silver.

Chrysocolla ring

Great Chrysocolla set in a handmade sterling silver with a pure silver nuggets on the side.


Rosecut Diamond stackable rings

             Superb rose cut diamond custom design for Janika's wedding band, beautiful!


Conch shell ring…new line coming up!

Conch shell adjustable ring, with a cute pure silver nuggets on the side, new line inspired by our Costa Rica beautiful beaches coming up soon!

Seaglass jewelry

After a weekend of amazing beach glass hunting at Costa Rica pacific side, here they are….transformed in a beautiful wearable art!


Big chunky Herkimer Diamond ring

Huge Herkimer Diamond set in sterling silver. Loveee it!!


Blue cobalt seaglass earrings

Beautiful earrings made with blue costa rican beach glass in a heart shape. Handmade sterling silver.